We provide a broad range of payroll services that help employers efficiently manage their internal processes, increase productivity, ensure compliance, improve employee retention, and control cost.


At Start-up Business Consulting, we understand that your most vital asset are your employees and a smooth employee payroll management system is an essential part of your business process. We offer the following key features:

  • Deduction of Income Tax from Employees Salary.
  • Deduction of EOBI of all Employees and any other Mandatory Benefits.
  • Deductions of any form of Loan.
  • Processing of any Retirement Benefits, e.g. Gratuity and Provident Fund.
  • Incorporation of Salary Increments as and when required.
  • Processing of Bonus Payments as and when required by the Client.
  • Processing of any other Payments or Deductions.
  • Dispatch of Salary Slips to HR dept (in individually sealed envelopes) for onwards delivery to the Employees.